Beyond Good Parenting Seminar - The Synopsis


We start with an overview and sharing of the current quality of life (level of cooperation, accomplishment, stress, frustration, confusion, disagreement) in the family, and see what is really wanted. Then we go over a few neurological factors that reveal the commonality of behaviors in all human beings, no matter their age or background. This information, obvious once looked for, explains why we, adults and children, behave the way we do. We see that what we observed or were taught is not the only way to approach an issue. And we do that in a way that relieves any guilt we have accumulated, and gives us a greater freedom to be ourselves. We discover that we really want to allow and support other family members to do the same (as we all benefit when that is done).

In order to affect change, we examine our ancient language of behavior, the glue if you will, that holds our judgmental attitude in place whether we want it to or not. We invent a new behavioral language that is glueless, one that begs for more open and intimate communication between family members, and that doesn’t put parents nor children in a “box” (e.g.,police officer, teenager, terrible two).  And finally, we practice and begin to eliminate the issues we have been feeling stuck with.