What to say ... that is ...

... how to promote acceptance of diversity of sexuality, including gender identity, for very young children without talking about it. It is very infrequent that I pass on any blogs or articles on parenting*, but occasionally, as I expand my personal network in the arena of parenting, I do, and here it a good one (written by Jamie Kenney on Romper.com):  


My brief comments: Jamie's first paragraph is great. I would eliminate the parenthetical comment "when they're ready," and say these things as often as relevant to anyone in your children's vicinity no matter their age.  We cannot tell when our children are ready for something, and they will attend to it if they are, and ignore if they are not. Our young children will pick up our conversations "when they're ready," and we don't know when that is. It is at least possible, if not likely, that our children, as with us, pick up more adult-forming information and attitudes below awareness than is done consciously.  No need to worry about it!  Born to learn!! Live as you would like your children to live, say what you'd like your children to say - so much easier and effective than "teaching."


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