Upgraded mission, upgraded vision, upgraded planet

Dear Friends, Family, Graduates, Guests, and other Readers,

Greetings! We are entering a couple of typically festive family and community occasions over our Winter months (here in the northern hemisphere), and I wish you joy and celebrations galore with your family and friends. Be safe and warm.

As a new year approaches, we are likely to continue to encounter much disturbing news, from local and national oppositional and dysfunctional political processes, to war-caused (human being caused) famines and destructions of social structures, to a global emergency affecting the whole planet, and thus everyone of us no matter our religious beliefs, philosophies, practices, skills, economic situations, culture, language, age, gender, diet, species, or geographic location.

This latter issue is a call to action if there ever was one. Destabilization of our atmosphere happens to be the only human-activity now occurring that is totally inclusive. That means it impacts or will impact you and I, Democrats, Republicans, Independents etc. It means that it is time for us, following that lead, to include everyone and everything in our thinking, in our encounters, in our actions - in our hearts. It means it is time to find common ground before ending any conversation with anyone, and leave everyone with a warm hug even when parting with seemingly intractable differences of opinion (an over-valued commodity).

With this in mind, I am re-thinking, re-building Parenting for Partnership as a tool for reversing the growth of CO2 in our atmosphere. I have learned - empirically - that the foundations of all of our daily practices begin in our earliest years, automatically - no teaching required. Thus, as we parents live today, so our children will tend to live tomorrow. How you and I communicate with our family and friends today will strongly influence if not determine how our children will communicate with their family and friends as adults, as tomorrow’s leaders.

What I am saying is this: If you look for the possibility of communication,

It takes no more “work” - time or energy - to raise healthy and wise and globally-responsible children than it is does just for us, as parents and teachers, to live healthily, wisely and globally responsibly as adults ourselves.

Even more:

It will take less time and energy for us to change how we live and communicate once we get started, as our young children will follow our lead, just as young children tend to model the significant adults in their lives without needing to be taught. Even as young as 2 1/2 - 3 years young children can be a help rather than merely a hindrance. I have evidence. I can pass this on to anyone who is interested.

This is what I commit the rest of my life’s work to:

A world of global and diverse citizens working together in families, as partners from day one, with joy and passion, creating a world of sufficiency, health, and safety for everyone - by 2045, and I’d be thrilled - and maybe still personally alive - if sooner!

I share this with you. Invite you to participate, from reading my blogs, my book, using my shared resources, and any and everything else you find that nurtures you. I ask for your support in whatever way it makes sense for you.

Thank you for already being a great parent. I don’t say that lightly, or without any consideration. Just know that I have worked with many parents of young children over the last 40 years, and I have yet to meet a parent who wasn’t attempting to do the best they know how with all their heart. And that’s what our planet Earth is asking from us now.

Yours, nervously and heartfelt, Marty

I am posting this now without a full review, as now is the time I feel it is for me to do it, and not let it pass. Please send any comments to me … any comments, suggestions.

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