I'm jumping in ...

... getting ready to schedule my first parenting seminar in San Francisco!! I don't yet have a space - but could set up our garage if necessary.  There will be two offerings the same week, but different days and times to allow parenting partners both to engage in the same content while one can "babysit."  I'll let you know if this makes a difference. Hmm. Glad I'm writing this out. I think I will go for 8 parents for each of the two sessions as I want a minimum of six, as the more parents, the more diversity and opportunity for learning from different - and possibly future - situations, as well as have parents of older children see exactly how "problems" get started and "stuck."  To get on my notification list, let me know here.  Information about the content, see Events.  Jump with me - if you can!  If you are a graduate, please comment on your experience!

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