Update on book availability, new workshops, etc.

FYI, my book, Beyond Good Parenting - The Art & Science of Behavior, Learning, and Partnership, has been accepted into the San Francisco Public Library and will be available at four libraries, including Bernal Heights (I assume then orderable from any one!).

Secondly, my book is also for sale at Bird & Beckett Books & Records on Chenery St in Glen Park (let me know if you find it is sold out).

We had a good run last week or so on my Beyond Good Parenting workshop! What I learned was: TMI !!!!  Not only did we run out of time, but too much was being covered ... it was like having a ten-course dinner when you were full by the second course!  So, thanks for the feedback, and I am excited about redesigning my presentation(s). This will make it easier for both parents and me to get to producing some amazing results more quickly. And even more is available as "dessert" as we dig deeper in examining ourselves and how we see our children. Can you imagine seeing your little one newly at every encounter, as you see a new baby?  It is harder as they get older, but, no problem - I will be including some imagination-restoration/play exercises, too!