... how to promote acceptance of diversity of sexuality, gender identity for very young children without talking about it. It is very infrequent that I pass on any blogs or articles on parenting, but occasionally, as I expand my personal network in the arena of parenting, I do, so here is a good one ...

Now let’s look at language learning. Learning a language for a young child is, it seems to me, the most difficult and demanding learning project any human being ever accomplishes. Even learning to read is a no brainer compared to learning to understand language and speak it.  

The first obstacle is to get what language actually is

Our values, the ones that we intentionally attempt to teach our children, may well be learned in ways we don’t notice. I'm not thinking so much of of things like "be nice," "be good", "clean up", etc., but what are we saying and doing about what we (automatically and generally) tend to focus on. You know ... what I like or don't like, what I want or don't want ... and how we use these to get others to do what we want

This post is in response to my deep concern about the nature of our politics, our values, and our learning (and lack of it in some important areas). I feel I am taking a risk in writing this (I'm afraid right now as I type), but this something that people who know me best both appreciate and feel frustrated or judged by - though there is no personal judgement from my end. And it definitely relates to parenting - relating to our children in an honest and supportive ways.

We have grown up and been educated in a culture that appears to us to value what we know, what we have "learned," and to disregard or hide what we don't know