Beyond Good Parenting CLASSES 

For Parents, Teachers & Other Leaders



Free - Meet for an overview, introduction, and Q&As

classes are 2 hrs each

  1. I - The Setup, The Source of Resistance, Two Dilemmas

  2. II - The Nature of Early Learning, Meaning & Context

  3. III - The Myth of Upsets & Emotions

  4. IV - Creating Partnership & Accomplish (Mutually)

Each session costs $55 and has a 15 minute break. For maximum results, take these in the order listed. Each is deserving as a complete seminar. Parenting partners receive a $10 discount if both register at the same time.

5. - Free Bonus upon completion of I-IV

Sign up for all four $200 (includes 5th session)

This curriculum promises to lessen struggle, burden, conflict, confusion, and resentment, and promises new levels of understanding, communication, and intimacy. Fringe benefits include freeing up huge amounts of time and energy and greater productivity and satisfaction in all areas of your life.

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Limited space, small groups (minimum of 8 and maximum of 12 participants).

For this work, small groups work allow for more diverse conversations and learning process. Grandparents are heartily invited.  Question? Ask here —>

 Photo by svetikd/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by svetikd/iStock / Getty Images

For Graduates

Opportunities for getting together with Marty and other grads are offered. Attended and lead by Marty, these are fun "work" sessions, for asking questions, exploring any current problems, practice communicating in a new paradigm, and get additional new information or resources.

Who else are these events for?  

Grandparents, Counselors, Mentors, Parents-to-Be. These are not designed to fix you or your students, clientele, your parenting, or your parents! You will see that while there is a lot you could do, there is no fixing needed. Everything is working perfectly - given what you and they have learned.


… include: more open and intimate communication, especially with regard to subjects that had been being avoided. When partners in any endeavor participate, an alignment occurs allowing win-win-win results.