Schedule of Classes

Class schedules will be out in January 2019. Dates and Times for Classes are being prepared now. In the meantime, please let me know which 3 topics are of most interest to you in order of priority, 1 being highest priority:

  1. Defusing tantrums without cost, immediately

  2. Getting on the same page with your partner on discipline

  3. Why some discipline works and some exacerbates

  4. How to determine your child’s success or problem with schooling

  5. Nurturing excellence in physical skills

  6. Nurturing extraordinary social skills

  7. How and why “teach” your child reading and math: myths and pitfalls

All the above practices are related in a special way, yet each have their own foci in other ways. They all apply to any age child, both now and in the future, as life, learning, and your relationships grow and change. The Curriculum results apply to every parent with any age child(ren) and all of the above issues. Please send me your selection(s) from the above along with:

What particular day(s) and/or time(s) that work best for you?

I do this serious work for you - playfully. Send responses here:

Contact me! Thank you! Marty