Parent, Grandparent, Teacher?

 Missing cooperation? Being appreciated? Intimacy?
Worry about schooling, productivity, transitions, relationship?    
Or, just curious about what parenting & teaching could be like?

For this work, small groups work allow for more diverse conversations and learning process. Grandparents are heartily invited.  Individuals or partners are welcome to start out as individuals or as partners, and then may decide to join a small group.  Use Contact page to request specific information.

Photo by svetikd/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by svetikd/iStock / Getty Images

Part 1 - Beyond Good Parenting - A Path to Partnership is a 90-minute introduction to nine valuable concepts and neurological facts. Many will be new, some will be old and problematic, and some will be old and useful, but all are relevant to seeing behavior in a new way, a way that gives you access and tools for creating a future that you really want. The source of resistance and two universal relational dilemmas, one parental and one children's, are revealed.

Part 2 - Beyond Good Parenting - A Solution to the Dilemmas, 120 minutes, begins a process of discernment and replacement of an ancient behavioral assessment language (a paradigm) with a new one, out of which conversations about behavior, learning, and relationship deepen, feel natural, occur with more freedom, especially in our most vulnerable times and relationships.

Book Discussion Group

Ongoing discussion and examples of distinctions and tools from Beyond Good Parenting as they apply to real life specific issues of attendees. Hard copy or online book reading required, loaner copies may be available in zip code 94110.

   What Graduates say ...     

For Graduates

Opportunities for getting together with Marty and other grads are offered. Attended and lead by Marty, these are fun "work" sessions, for asking questions, exploring any current problems, practice communicating in a new paradigm, and get additional new information or resources.