single session Classes

The following classes help parents get on the same page, start/restart on a path on their way forward for what is important to them, and get new and effective tools for accomplishment, partnership, play, and well-being for everyone in the family.

Introduction: About Beyond Good Parenting (free, 30-40 minutes)

Test the water. What is unique and powerful about Beyond Good Parenting, how it unfolds, what it covers, and what results parents can expect from participating. This intro is driven by you and other attendees, so bring questions about real issues and concerns. (See Pop Up Opportunities)

A Path to Partnership ($59, 120 minutes with one short break)

This is a complete workshop in itself, and is also the first session and pre-requisite for the complete curriculum. We will uncover our Hidden Parenting Manual, the Parents’ Dilemma, and our Children’s Dilemma, each by looking at when, how, and why we are doing what we are doing and what happens now in our parenting. We then can see the source of resistance we encounter from our children. (See Part 1 of The Curriculum)

four-session Course (the curriculum)

This is a whole curriculum that covers the material in the book Beyond Good Parenting (plus updates). Shared answers to three questions sets participants up for engaging with purpose and commitment is session #1, A Path to Partnership, can be done as a single session, and is a prerequisite for sessions 2, 3, 4.

(Four 100-120 min. sessions, $219 for all four, $155 for sessions 2, 3, and 4.) More on The Curriculum—>

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