Joy & Fulfillment

... come from meeting our daily parent challenges successfully, and that becomes available to you every day.  Seeing what drives human behavior, and that how we say and do what we say and do brings either resistance to, or openness for, new paths to strong and fulfilling  partnerships - at any age or phase of life.

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"Actions  motivated by guilt or by 'shoulds' and 'shouldn'ts' are rarely fulfilling, helpful, nor fully appreciated."

"The world of what is and what could be is a strikingly different world than the world of what should be and what shouldn't be." 

-- Martin Dutcher



 What if you had more choices in how you respond to your children and partner?

What if you had more choices in how you respond to your children and partner?

What if your parenting or teaching experience shifted, and you discovered that neither you, your partner, your parents, your institution, nor your children, were to blame for guilt, struggle, or upsets?  What if, in all your parenting or teaching frustrations, concerns, and quandaries, there was nothing wrong?  Imagine. What if you could see how and why all the burden and upset that happens in your life happens?  What if cooperation and appreciation could be natural and normal, and were plentiful in your family life?  They can be - while also saving you time and energy!

And, yes, parenting is and will continue to be challenging.  If it weren't, neither would it be fulfilling. 

If this intrigues you, I suggest you explore further.  And please feel free to request to meet or chat with me.  Also, the revised book, Beyond Good Parenting, is now available here!  Full of stories and examples, and aptly subtitled "The Art and Science of Behavior, Learning, and Partnership," this book is the basis for the seminars: putting new ideas into action and getting immediate results: freedom, intimacy, cooperation, accomplishment - between you and your child, and between you and your parenting partner(s).

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