Go beyond good parenting. Create an extraordinary and fulfilling family life right from the start.

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Our children, in their earliest years, want nothing more than for us to be happy and successful.

What happens to this?  An almost inevitable loss of attempted cooperation from our children at some point is in our hands if we dare look. It is not about being a better parent or having better-behaved children. It is about freedom to be ourselves, authentic and trustworthy, and learn as partners. It is never too late. It is never too soon.

Our Services

Single session workshops - Helpful with immediate results for specific behavioral concerns and problems.

Multi-session course - A whole curriculum designed to cover all the bases in understanding the hows and whys of human behavior.  It is not complicated, it is just hard to see what we haven't seen before.

Coaching for single parents and co-parents - Address current issues and concerns by learning applicable "tools" (may have prerequisite sessions), and get overnight results.


Small group discussions and demonstrations to amplify and accelerate results you want.

A statement of understanding (disclaimer re therapy, for healthy parents, conditions for results, etc.)

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Weekly Topics

Blog for parenting, articles, video talks of value for understanding your child's motivations, examining your own, and nurturing a cooperative partnership - a win-win on all levels, in all areas.

Pop-Up Conversations

From time to time I will spend some time in a local coffee shop or other accessible location to answer questions or offer assistance. To be on my notification list, Sign Up —>