Additional Testimonials

“Through gentle questions, Marty was able to guide us to see the value of the approaches he laid out [in his workshop]. I was also mindful that Marty was able to tailor his advice well to the many different needs of the parents in our class. In the class that my husband and I took, we were among parents from many different circumstances: single moms, recently divorced parents, parents with newly adopted children, and parents of children of a wide range of ages. And yet, despite these many differences, the class came together cohesively as a supportive group because Marty structured the sessions so well. Moreover, he differentiated the advice he gave, illustrating well how his parenting methods had to account for the real-life needs and circumstances in parents and children's lives.” - Phyllis M-R, Assoc Prof of Writing, GWU (parent of 3- and 5-year-old)

"Very glad I attended. It reinforced some things that I have been doing well and things I need to refocus on. I am really thinking more about how I say things and respond to the actions that bother me. Either it has been very exceptional or I am doing it more than I noticed - the house seems calmer. I would love for my son's father to hear this so we are not constantly at odds on how we are raising our children." - Joy Z, Lancaster, PA

"Marty's presentation was both informative and enlightening. He brings some unique perspectives to an area [parenting], that normally does not have a 'guidebook'. His visual aids were also helpful and well organized. Marty demonstrated compassion to individuals who expressed feeling overwhelmed and confused as parents, and remained afterwards to answer their questions personally. In addition to teaching his methods to others, he is willing to learn from, and about many other issues specific to the needs of, attendees which shows true dedication to what he does. I thank him for being with us!" - Christy F, MS - Dir of Autism Services, Family Behavioral Resources (Lancaster PA)

“Thank you so much for your presentations here at the Ephrata Public Library! Your programs had a big impact - two patrons made it a point to thank us for having you here! Thank you again (from us and our patrons). Sincerely, …” - Rebecca Z, Administrator, Ephrata Public Library, Ephata, PA