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  1. October(!) 20   Friday  6:00 - 7:30 PM  Location:  Pinhole Coffee, 231 Cortland Ave, San Francisco.  Author Marty Dutcher walks parents of any age children through a new view from Beyond Good Parenting - The Art & Science of Learning & Partnership.  What could be new or valuable? 
  2. TBA  Book Discussion Group    Interested? Let me know here.
  3. TBA  Seminar 1 - Our Hidden Parenting Manual (a well-worn path), The Source of Resistance, The Parents' Dilemma, The Childrens' Dilemma -  90 minutes of fun, work & discovery
  4. TBA  Seminar 2 - A New Context, A New Vocabulary, New Results (the solutions to the dilemmas) - 90 minutes or until completed

Who are these events for?           Parents, Grandparents, Teachers
Missing cooperation and/or intimacy? Not feeling appreciated? Worry about schooling, productivity, transitions, relationship?    Or, just curious about what parenting & teaching could be like?

How much do events cost?        Parenting for Partnership offers its educational programs based on several factors. First,  this principle works is a bit tired (and tiresome), but it is also inaccurate: you get what you pay for, but in fact you can get way more if you do the work (keep the agreements/commitments of your event). A further difficulty is that while some results* are likely to occur by the end of the event, each event is really a seed, and your nurturing it (that is, your nurturing yourself and your potential) is what will keep your results* multiplying.  As of this date, followup graduate sessions/discussions/meetings will be free to graduates to attend and each event will be followed by a request to contribute to the cost of making sessions available.  The assumption is that when you contribute to the growth of available resources, those resources are contributing to the quality of your family life.

* Results are minimally more open and intimate communication between specific family members, especially with regard to subjects that had been being avoided. When both parents participate, an alignment occurs without compromise or giving in.

If you want to attend or want more information, please send me a message, filling out your contact information (privacy is promised) and which event or a topic you have a question about. Click here.

For this work, small groups work allow for more diverse conversations and learning process. Grandparents are heartily invited.  Individuals or partners are welcome to start out as individuals or as partners, and then may decide to join a small group.  Use Contact page to request specific information.

Photo by svetikd/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by svetikd/iStock / Getty Images

Part 1 - Beyond Good Parenting - Creating a New Path to Partnership is a 90-minute introduction to nine valuable concepts and neurological facts. Many will be new, some will be old and problematic, and some will be old and useful, but all are relevant to seeing behavior in a new way, a way that gives you access and tools for creating a future that you really want. The source of resistance and two universal relational dilemmas, one parental and one children's, are revealed.

Part 2 - Beyond Good Parenting - A Solution to the Dilemmas, 90 - 120 minutes, begins a process of discernment and replacement of an ancient behavioral assessment language (a paradigm) with a new one, out of which conversations about behavior, learning, and relationship deepen, feel natural, occur with more freedom, especially in our most vulnerable times and relationships.

Book Discussion Group

Ongoing discussion and examples of distinctions and tools from Beyond Good Parenting as they apply to real life specific issues of attendees. Hard copy or online book reading required, loaner copies may be available in zip code 94110.

 What Graduates say ...     

For Graduates

Opportunities for getting together with Marty and other grads are offered. Attended and lead by Marty, these are fun "work" sessions, for asking questions, exploring any current problems, practice communicating in a new paradigm, and get additional new information or resources.