Human Behavior For Parents, Teachers & Other Leaders

Four 90-Minute Sessions

  • Set up your life for joy and fulfillment 
  • Uncover your hidden parenting manual
  • The ABCs of innate motivation and integration
  • Two dilemmas faced by adults & children
  • How early learning impacts future learning & relationships
  • Seeing how, what, and why the brain learns
  • Pitfalls in memory, emotions, and meaning
  • Creating a (new) behavioral paradigm for partnership and accomplishment
  • Playing and accomplishing in the real world

This curriculum promises to lessen struggle, burden, conflict, confusion, and resentment, and promises new levels of understanding, communication, and intimacy. Fringe benefits include freeing up huge amounts of time and energy and greater productivity and satisfaction in all areas of your life. 


Limited space, small groups (minimum of 8 and maximum of 12 participants)

Note: Results promised are contingent on following guidelines for participation.

Future Possibilities

  1. TBA  Book Discussion Group    Interested? Let me know here.  I already have a short have a list.
  2. Single-session workshops covering specific topics in the curriculum - May be offered from time-to-time. Some topics require taking a prerequisite workshop.

For this work, small groups work allow for more diverse conversations and learning process. Grandparents are heartily invited.  Use Contact page to request specific information.

Photo by svetikd/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by svetikd/iStock / Getty Images

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 What Graduates say ...    

For Graduates

Opportunities for getting together with Marty and other grads are offered. Attended and lead by Marty, these are fun "work" sessions, for asking questions, exploring any current problems, practice communicating in a new paradigm, and get additional new information or resources.

Who are these events for?   Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Parents-to-Be. These are not designed to fix your child, your parenting, or your parents! You will see that while there is a lot you could do, there is no fixing needed. Everything is working perfectly - given what you currently know.

* Results include more open and intimate communication, especially with regard to subjects that had been being avoided. When both parents participate, an alignment occurs allowing win-win-win (parent 1-parent 2-child) results.