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Parent-Requested Topical Classes Under Construction!

Hey - Grandparents can be a great resource

... but also can be just another distraction. A new talk on Grandparenting for Partnership coming soon too.

In the meantime, here is more about why to check back here soon:


Limited space, small groups

Note: My seminars and talks are pieces of a longer and deeper conversation-based curriculum that encompasses several views and a wide range of information that all fit together as pieces in a puzzle. 

Future Possiblities

  1. TBA  Book Discussion Group    Interested? Let me know here.  I already have a short have a list.
  2. Advanced: A Practice Focus - The New Context, A New Vocabulary, New Results (the solutions to the dilemmas) - 90 minutes or until completed
  3. Small Group Explorations - Conversations on our current issues, problems, and successes in a new transformational behavioral paradigm.

For this work, small groups work allow for more diverse conversations and learning process. Grandparents are heartily invited.  Use Contact page to request specific information.

Photo by svetikd/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by svetikd/iStock / Getty Images

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 What Graduates say ...    


For Graduates

Opportunities for getting together with Marty and other grads are offered. Attended and lead by Marty, these are fun "work" sessions, for asking questions, exploring any current problems, practice communicating in a new paradigm, and get additional new information or resources.

Who are these events for?   Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Parents-to-Be. These are not designed to fix your child, your parenting, or your parents! You will see that while there is a lot you could do, there is no fixing needed. Everything is working perfectly - given what you currently know.

* Results include more open and intimate communication, especially with regard to subjects that had been being avoided. When both parents participate, an alignment occurs allowing win-win-win (parent 1-parent 2-child) results.