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Photo by Rawpixel Ltd/iStock / Getty Images

What graduates say

“Marty intuitively understands how people learn and what helps them grow. Students and parents understand that they are being taken seriously and respond to this genuine care by wanting to participate in deep and meaningful discussions with him. They engage; they learn.”

 - Josie J, Washington, DC  (parent, former preschool director)

"Marty is a gifted and experienced child care expert who has worked for years to put into words why what he does works. His class is a distillation of that wisdom that goes beyond simple techniques to underlying principles that make effective parenting a way of life."

- Brian L, (parent of 2-year old, family counselor) 

“I learned some specific ideas for how to improve my parenting and how to take the frustration out of it. It is easier for us to have fun together, and I find myself choosing to spend time with [my child] instead of feeling like it is a burden so much of the time. “

- Melanie Y, Lancaster, PA (parent of 3-year-old, professional counselor)

“We learned a new approach to discipline, a different way of looking at situations that I think is yielding more positive results and increasing the harmony in our household. I didn't realize how powerful a new 'language' with which to communicate with our kids could be – this has been a real revelation to us!”

 - Alexa F, Silver Spring, MD (parent of 4-year-old, professional group leader)

“I really enjoyed this morning … the discussion felt very valuable; particularly the discussion about "need" and reminder that we are mediating and empowering them to affect their own interactions, that we are in charge of laying the groundwork and setting the boundaries ... and that love is continuous even in the presence of frustration.”

- Audrey E, Hyattsville, MD (parent of 18-mon-old, 3-yr-old, teacher, musician) 

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