Note to Participants

  1. My classes, seminars, and curriculum are educational in nature. Thus they are not a substitute for licensed professional assistance. I do not do assessments or conduct therapy sessions nor make recommendations for professional assistance.

  2. I am bound by law to report suspected abuse.

  3. I maintain the privacy of participants names, classes taken, and content of all conversations (except in cases under 2). I may request permission to share excepts with minimal identifying information (such as first name) from classes in print or online for marketing or educational purposes. I will notify participants before those occurrences, if any, occur.

  4. I require all participants to sign a confidentiality agreement.

  5. Finally, though I require a signed agreement from every participant, I cannot guarantee the confidentiality of what is said by anyone, and thus I recommend that participants do not share highly sensitive information in my classes.

  6. Postscript: Having fun in my classes is not required, but is recommended and likely to occur from time to time. Caution: this could rub off on you at home!