Mission: Raising our children as partners with our planet, bringing sufficiency and fulfillment for everyone.

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Our children, in the beginning, want nothing more than for us to be happy and successful. And they want to help.

Really. Skeptical? You should be. I would be too, but for 40+ years “working” (playing) with children. That is what I learned. In a short few years that desire for us seems to disappear. Why? We uncover the reasons as our seminars unfold. But we can’t do it without you, without your looking and thinking and sharing.

It is amazing how much creative power* we have as parents, but think we don’t. We could grow an efficient (fast and lasting) and powerful learning partnership with our children - and maybe with no more time or energy (when averaged over 15 years).

*Power  n. The ability to cause change in one's environment or circumstances, without force, and measured by the rate at which an idea or vision is brought into reality or a goal is achieved (adapted from LEC Seminar).

Here are THREE SIGNIFICANT overlooked benefits of getting your hands on this:

  1. Our children become grounded in their relationship with us, valued helpers rather than problems. This avoids an almost inevitable but common decreasing willingness of our children to “help us out” and a common increasing avoidance of us around our requests, cajoling, and attempts to instill “personal responsibility” as our children grow.

  2. They will have many, many opportunities to develop helpful motor skills and practices. Our child’s brain, neurology, and skills all grow with use. And, if a powerful context is created and maintained, they will want to continue to increase their participation in helping their family and neighborhood be healthy, safe, and become environmental custodians.

  3. Our “extra” work (letting them help us clean up, cook, pick up, and play with us) pays off with interest over time. And just like interest on money, skills grow geometrically over time.

Here Are Two More Rewarding Results:

  1. Initial practices, like actively taking care of our own home environment, when begun early, become a natural and fulfilling way of life that extends out from our family into society.

  2. We parents can miss out on an increase in the fulfillment of parenting, of accomplishing things together, along with the joy being with our children have as they master learning language quickly. Conversations when working (or playing) together contain much higher quantity of useful vocabulary.

The world is in our hands, as are our children - we can impact both much earlier and much more than we think.

It is not about being a better parent or having better-behaved children. It is about freedom to be ourselves, about communication and trust, and learning and practicing extraordinary social skills as partners. It is never too late. It is never too soon. Start.

Finally, the practice field for this is now all about taking care of our environment, our planet, in any way or ways we choose.

“What to do is not a problem. Those resources are available. But how to do it? That makes all the difference. That takes some time, some new thinking.”

See below for how my services work.

P4P Services

Single session classes - Helpful with immediate results for specific ages and behavioral concerns and problems.

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The BGP Curriculum - A four-part curriculum designed to cover the basics in understanding the hows and whys of human behavior, including stories, discussion, and mock-ups from parents. This prepares parents for every parenting issue that they may encounter throughout their lives.

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Graduate Sessions

Small group discussions and demonstrations to amplify and accelerate results you want, and foci on specific activities - from imagination, art, reading, math in ways that assure natural and dynamic learning practice (and consistent with how our human brain works!). More on Grads—>

Coaching for individuals, parents, co-parents and small groups - Address current issues and concerns by learning applicable "tools," and gain insight from a community of others. More on coaching—>

Special Topics

Blog for parenting, articles, video talks of value for understanding your child's motivations, examining your own, and nurturing a cooperative partnership - a win-win on all levels, in all areas.

Pop-Up Conversations

From time to time I will spend some time in a local coffee shop or other accessible location to answer questions or offer assistance. To be on my notification list, Sign Up —>