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What is being learned by our children about the world, about school, from our children’s early environment? I recommend you add information from the following talks to your understanding and practice of your parenting and when you talk about schooling with your preschooler as well as your older children.

1 - About Schooling

For a way of seeing how schools work (and why) in a way that you can share with your children (talking about it in your own words for younger children, watching and talking with your older children) see Ken Robinson's TEDTalk: —> Changing Educational Paradigms

2 - Diversity as Opportunity

For why and how schools can adjust for more diversity and why that is critical, see L. Todd Rose's TEDTalk, —> The Myth of Average 

Great to share and watch with others, including your older children. For issues related to older children in school, read his very readable book, Square Peg.

3 - The Meaning and Value of Autonomy

For you as a parent, this is about the role of self-determination in motivation in growth, cooperation, and accomplishment. Watch Edward Deci (author of Why We Do What We Do, a great read), see his TEDTalk here: —> Motiva tion

4 - Additional valuable talks:

—> Parenting 2.0 on LinkedIn Life Skills - Where Life Skills Thrive

Click the following link for Parenting 2.0 Public Service Interviews: how to nurture social-emotional learning at home or in the classroom:

—> Public Service Interviews: Enhancing Emotional Literacy

  • Dr. Jane Bluestein, author "The Win-Win Classroom" and "The Perfection Deception"

  • Dr. Robert Brooks, author "The Power of Resilience"

  • Martin Dutcher, author "Beyond Good Parenting" (parents of pre-schoolers focus)

  • Paula Prentis & Chris Parrot, authors "Reach Before You Teach"

  • Dr. Shimi Kang, author "The Dolphin Parent" in Canada, "The Self-Motivated Child" in US

  • Dr. Rick Hanson, author "Hardwiring Happiness"

  • Dr. Donna Volpitta, Creator of Pathway to Empower Program

  • Starla Lewis, Diversity Expert, Seven Time Teacher of the Year

       And more!

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