The Big 3 

There are tens of thousands of books on parenting, and most are "how to" books. Most of those are "how to get" a child to do or not do something or to learn something.  But even if you always could get your child to do or become what you want, then neither you nor your child would experience a deep and meaningful relationship with each other.  Here are The Big 3 family issues that the Beyond Good Parenting Curriculum addresses in a uniquely effective way. Imagine how your sense of fulfillment, appreciation, and joy in living together could be without these issues:

1 Get on Same Page

How parents can work in partnership, no matter differing philosophies, beliefs, and experiences; remove guilt;  nurture or restore intimacy;  accelerate learning, cooperation, accomplishment; and increase feeling appreciated -  for every family member.

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2 Power Struggles

Why our children resist us is demonstrable and thus avoidable. On the other hand, some resistance can be valuable for them as they seek both unconditional acceptance and self-determination. Seeing how and why this happens allows parents to become valued "coaches,"  allowing maximum learning while remaining in charge

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3 Success in School …

... And in real life. Research shows that much of our youngest children’s earliest learning is overlooked, that our schooling often displaces learning, and that much of "good" schooling is not the best prep for real life. Nevertheless, for many of us, it is all we have. You can help prepare your child for success in any school (or non-school) environment, for a future of wide open possibility and accomplishment.

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